Links of Interest

Alex Canton-Dutaris looks at The Dark Side of the Mirror.

Carol Davis Luce gets her blog rolling. Go give her a welcome!

The always hilarious Carol Wyer looks a gift horse in the mouth.

The awesome Jim Devitt talks about his experience with Operation e-book Drop.

Our friend Yolanda Washington is gearing up for NaNoWriMo.

Get your free copy of Chicken Feed from Ellen Ghyll.

BuzzFeed brings you 14 punctutation marks you probably didn’t know about.

Author: Stephen Hise

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  1. Always look forward to my morning visit here and today I see you have linked my last blog post! What a surprise. Thank you Stephen. I am now off to give a talk to some ex-Pats living in France who want to be authors. Guess whose website I shall be recommending as one to visit? Could only be yours. Have a lovely Monday.

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