Meet the Author: Hugh Ashton

Author Hugh Ashton

Author Hugh Ashton was born in the UK and graduated from the University of Cambridge. He worked at a wide variety of jobs before settling into his current field in information technology. A long-standing interest in Japan led him to emigrate to that country in 1988, where he has remained ever since.

His book, “Red Wheels Turning,” an alternate history novel, is a prequel to “Beneath Gray Skies.” He released it late summer 2011. The book is mainly set in Russia in 1915-6, and on and under the Baltic Sea (yes,  there’s a submarine involved). In the book’s alternate timeline, the American Civil War never took place, but the Confederate States of America and United States of America remain separate nations. This has an affect on the way the Great European War (World War 1, without the Americans) was fought. Hugh says this is ancillary to the plot of “Red Wheels Turning,” but plays a part nonetheless. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Hugh Ashton”

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