Feel Free to Misquote Me

I have a few author friends who like to post great quotes by great authors. That’s all well and good, but even the greatest authors didn’t walk around crapping diamonds all day. Some of their quotes are—how shall I say this? Meh.

I just think that’s unfair to their legacies. Below the fold, I’ve taken some of the lesser-known quotes from some great authors and jazzed them up a bit by adding my own personal flair. I turned the awesome up to eleven, baby! I think I made it pretty seamless, though. See if you can pick out any difference. Continue reading “Feel Free to Misquote Me”

Meet the Author: Mike D. Cooley

Author Mike D. Cooley

Author Mike Cooley says his writing is action oriented. He likes jumping right into the thick of a story and then “going for broke.” He says he stays away from overly-descriptive scene-setting because that’s not the way he thinks. “I am very visually oriented as well and I like exploring human nature and psychology.”

Mike says he is heavily influenced by writers like Phillip K. Dick, James Tiptree Jr., Harlan Ellison, and Roger Zelazny, although he doesn’t think he writes like any of them.

Mike says many of his stories are very character-centric, and his inspiration comes from everywhere. “Ideas are all around us. I’ve never had a shortage.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Mike D. Cooley”