Valerie Douglas on the Importance of Research

Author Valerie Douglas

I suppose you could say that I’ve been doing research all my life – as any writer should. After all, the essential, endless curiosity that drives us to ask ‘what if’ and then ‘what happens next’ has to start somewhere. It starts in those questions, but it’s based in what we’ve learned and know.

Part of every child’s education is spent exploring ancient gods and goddesses, particularly the Greek and Roman. They fascinated me just as they fascinate most children, especially their excesses – Percy Jackson’s popularity is no coincidence. Continue reading “Valerie Douglas on the Importance of Research”

Sneak Peek: The Edge of Extinction

Today, author Kristen Stone shares a sneak-peek at her book, The Edge of Extinction.

Why were his people dying? This was a question Kianda Mala needed to answer. Considered a god because he had a tail, accepted as a leader, Kianda emerges from the jungle to confront the modern world. What he discovers is a world beyond his comprehension where his people are deemed worthless and big business rules.

Kristen’s book is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: The Edge of Extinction”

Meet the Author: Greta Burroughs

Author Greta Burroughs

Greta Burroughs’ latest release is a book entitled Heartaches and Miracles. It is a nonfiction narrative of her own experiences with an autoimmune disorder called immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

“It’s not a dry medical text but a personal account of the roller-coaster ride I was on while trying to stabilize my blood platelet count. The book explains to the reader what ITP is and the treatments I went through. There are also short excerpts from other ITPers; together we try to give words of encouragement to those newly diagnosed as well as educate the rest of the world who have never heard of ITP,” she says. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Greta Burroughs”