Meet the Author: K.S. Brooks

Author K.S. Brooks

In spite of her youthful appearance, K. S. Brooks has been a writer and award-winning photographer for more than twenty years. Her first novel, Lust for Danger, won her an Honorable Mention in the Jada Press Book of the Year Awards as well as a spot in the “Next Big Thing” tent at the Baltimore Book Festival in Baltimore, Maryland (which is not under any circumstances to be confused with Baltimore, Kentucky). She has also provided feature articles, poetry, and photography for magazines, newspapers, books and other publications both in the U.S. and abroad.

In her writing, she likes to keep things moving, use the right words, and paint the scenes so that readers can share her vision and feel for the story. She says, “I’m told I have excellent flow, and my writing moves very quickly. My style has actually evolved quite a bit, from being pragmatic and impartial to colored by my main character’s attitude.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: K.S. Brooks”

Writing Exercise #9

Not every antagonist is a guy whose face is contorted in an evil sneer as he twirls his waxed mustache. Sometimes the threat comes in the form of an immutable force of nature.  That form may be tiny.

Those are germs—a new variety discovered by the research team in your book. Tell me what these germs are going to do the the characters in your world, and how the scientists who created or identified it feel about what is going to happen.

Strut your stuff. Give me two or three paragraphs in the comment section that lay out a premise that will hook your reader.