All About Book Junkies

Book Junkies Founder Sue Palmer

Reader/reviewer Sue Palmer is the founder and much-beloved administrator-in-chief of the Facebook group Book Junkies, my favorite hangout and refuge in the cyberworld.  I belong to several author groups, but the warm, fun and free-spirited atmosphere of Book Junkies keeps me always coming back for more.

Book Junkies membership consist of readers as well as authors. Though some promotion occurs, more often a philosophical issue or another member’s question will generate a long and spirited discussion thread. The conversations are not always about books or writing.

Part of the zeitgeist of Book Junkies is that it provides an opportunity for authors to relate to each other and with readers and reviewers just as human beings. As Sue puts it, “I would like to think that Book Junkies is all about support, whatever the reason. Sometimes, a member may need help or advice, sometimes it is purely personal and they pop on the group for a chat. There is always someone around willing to give moral support.” Continue reading “All About Book Junkies”

Where to Get Book Reviews

I no longer do book reviews but I am happy to post book reviews if you have one you’d like to share. That said, it can’t be from your Mom. It doesn’t take very long to realize that one of the things needed to help your book really take off is a number of reviews by actual book reviewers. Fortunately, there are a lot of book reviewers out there. For your convenience, I have posted a list of some of them below. I borrowed this list from the great folks at Book Junkies, and thank them for sharing. You can find some additional book review blogs in my blog roll. Be sure to check them out as well.

Jan Fischer-Wade also put together a list of 14 book review sites that have massive followings over at Curiosity Quills. Note that some reviewers and reviews sites specialize in certain genres, so do your research before submitting a book for review.

In posting this, I make no representation or warranty about whether your book will be accepted for review by any of the reviewers listed, nor the type or quality of the review your book may receive. It is not at all unlikely that if they feel your book needs work, or should just simply be used as fireplace tinder, they will tell you so. That is what makes an objective independent review valuable to both readers and authors. The list is below the fold. If you know of someone who’s not on the list, please add their link in the comments.

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Video Trailer: R.S. Guthrie’s “Black Beast”

This is the video trailer for R.S. Guthrie’s novel, Black Beast. This book has only 5-star ratings on Amazon – 19 of them! Continue reading “Video Trailer: R.S. Guthrie’s “Black Beast””