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Video Trailer: Apparition by Dylan White

There is a difference between loneliness and being alone.

After the sudden death of her father, Jade Foster moves to a new town with her mother and step-dad where she discovers a mysterious ghost haunting her room. She hopes it’s her father. But Sean Clayton died in a motorcycle accident nearly seventy years ago and has been waiting for the one person to help him move on. These two lonely souls form an unlikely friendship and Sean vows to protect Jade from the dangers that now threaten her from both the afterlife and high school life. Jade soon discovers that falling in love with a ghost can be complicated … especially when Sean may not be what he appears.

Apparition by Dylan White is available from Amazon.

Valerie Douglas Relocates to Fantasy Island

Author Valerie Douglas

Friend and author Valerie Douglas has just announced she has signed with Fantasy Island Book Publishing.

I caught up with Val while she was preparing to test-drive a Lamborghini Diablo. She said, “Truthfully, at times I wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen. . . Then one day in an on-line conversation I met JD from Fantasy Island Book Publishing. He liked what he saw of Servant of the Gods, my most recent release. He bet me that if I took the chance, he could get it on the Amazon bestseller lists faster than I could. If he succeeded I had to sign a contract with Fantasy Island. You have to like a guy that cocky but he did it. In four days! You can’t beat success.” No, I rather imagine not.

We all wish Val the best in her ventures with her new publisher, and trust we will still bump into her at the old water-cooler from time to time.

Meet the Author: Shay Fabbro

Author Shay Fabbro

Author Shay Fabbro has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a doctorate in Human Medical Genetics. She is pictured at right, with her husband, following an experiment gone horribly awry. It is possible I may have made up that last part—but she is a PhD and university professor.

Shay says her writing balances action with quieter scenes so the reader really gets a chance to get into a character’s head. She enjoys a good cliffhanger and tends to write those at the ends of her books.

A lot of the inspiration for her writing comes from her dreams. She says, “I have had night terrors since I was a kid and believe me, I have some doozies! But since I had the dream that inspired the Portals of Destiny series, I realized that I could use these nightmares to inspire more books!” That’s a productive use of nightmares. Some people just get bouts of bed-wetting from their nightmares. That’s what I’ve heard. Shut up. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Shay Fabbro”