Die Twilight! Die!

These are vampires

I have not read the books and have not watched the movies. Any rational person would withhold opinion, but hey—I go where angels fear to tread. Besides, I did see the previews of all the movies and it scarred me for life. Stephanie Meyer has killed vampires more effectively than Buffy could ever have dreamed of doing.

She combined the angst-ridden teen drama of 90210 with vampires. Take that, Lugosi and Lee et al. She made the vampires sparkly, the way Tim Allen’s character suggested Santa’s elves should be in “The Santa Clause.” That’s just wrong. Continue reading “Die Twilight! Die!”

The Carrots Stole My Plot Bunnies! – by Vickie Johnstone

Author Vickie Johnstone

With today being Saturday, a nice long lay-in was the way to begin the day. Followed by a nice long shower. Take it slow, it’s the weekend. The body goes into super slow-mo and the brain kind of follows. But that wasn’t such a great thing today, seeing as I wisely or unwisely decided to sign up for NanoWrimo this month. It began well. A nice sprint in the first week. Yes, my characters were buzzing in my brain, leaping out on to the page, whispering in my ear, doing funny things in my head. One of them is a dog so now and then he was voofing like crazy. What can he do now? Yep he was chasing a Frisbee all over the page. This is fun, I thought.

Cue week two. Not bad. Not as much gung-ho, here I go as week one, but hey, that’s ok, it’s still fun really. The characters were still living. Sort of. In funny land. Continue reading “The Carrots Stole My Plot Bunnies! – by Vickie Johnstone”

Confessions of an Apostate in the High Priesthood

The importance of writing (to the writer) is a frequent subject of discussion among authors. I have had interviews that asked some variation of the question, “What would you do if you couldn’t write?” I’ve seen authors go so far as to say they would just simply die if they couldn’t write. Many authors seem to regard writing as a calling to some high work. It defines them. It is who they are. Continue reading “Confessions of an Apostate in the High Priesthood”