Nicole Storey is Turned Into a Bean – an Inknbean!

Friend and author Nicole Storey shared some very exciting news: She has signed with Inknbeans Press for her first book, Grimsley Hollow-The Chosen One. Her exact words were, “SQUEE!!!”

She says she still smiles every time she thinks about it and is now in the process of having the e-mail framed. Okay, maybe I added that last part.  Inknbeans is a publishing company with an excellent reputation among indie authors.

I caught up with Nickie while she was out shopping for a new Ferrari (as far as you know). She said, “Am I a lucky girl or what? I know in my heart that I couldn’t have found a better bunch of people to help me take my book to levels that I have not been able to achieve on my own and I am so thankful!”

Nickie is a great friend to fellow authors, and I know she will not forget her friends down here in the trenches, what with Christmas right around the corner. (Ahem)

We wish Nickie the very best success, and look forward to hearing more from her as her work with Inknbeans progresses.

Learn more about Inknbeans from their excellent website.

Meet the Author: Siobhán C Cunningham

Author Siobhán C. Cunningham

Author S.C. Cunningham writes with film in mind, as she says she worked in the music to film industry. She describes her work in movie styles,  “Think ‘Silence of the Lambs’ meets ‘Basic Instinct’ meets ‘Sex and the City.’ Terrifying thrills with intense sex and naughty chuckles.”

Siobhán says agents compare her style to that of Martina Cole, Karen Rose, and Jilly Cooper with added sex and laughter.  She says, “What sets me apart is that I throw the book at the readers, mixing fear, romance, sex, giggles and thought provoking questions.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Siobhán C Cunningham”

Valerie Douglas’ Latest Title Makes Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” List!

Friend and author Valerie Douglas just got some exciting news: her latest title, Servant of the Gods just made Amazon’s Hot New Releases list in Fantasy in the US and is in the top 100 in both the US and the UK in Historical Fantasy.

Servant of the Gods is available through Amazon US and Amazon UK and Smashwords.

This news comes quickly on the heels of Val’s excellent guest post for Indies Unlimited on the importance of research for writers. Coincidence? You decide!

Our heartfelt congratulations to Valerie Douglas on her success.

Indies Unlimited Submission Guidelines

I started this blog to help indie authors. Indie authors write in every genre. I have friends who write erotica and friends who write some of the most gruesome, disturbing horror imaginable. I have friends who are pretty free with foul language in their writing.

I want to keep this site family friendly, and that means I don’t want some kid traumatized by something they see or read here on this site. To wit: Continue reading “Indies Unlimited Submission Guidelines”