No Comment

I haven’t been blogging for very long, but I have been following a lot of other writer’s blogs for a while now. One of the things I’ve noticed is that writer’s blogs don’t seem to generate much in the way of comments. I’ve seen some blog articles that were well-written and provocative—posts that should have generated a vigorous discussion, but don’t. For the most part, you’ll see zero to two or three comments per blog post on many sites. Sometimes there are more, but those are the exceptions. Continue reading “No Comment”

Sneak Peek: No Lulluby for Tommy

Today, we get a sneak-peek from Charles Hardman’s book, “No Lulluby for Tommy.”

Tommy has lost his wife, children, job, savings — basically his whole world. Nothing seems to go his way. Trying to change his life, he becomes a poker player. Tommy wins a very heated poker game against the son of a Chicago Mafia kingpin in Lake Tahoe. Then he joins up with the son’s hooker, who knows a few too many dirty little secrets about Chicago. A hit man is sent to kill the woman by the son’s father. After he fails and is killed, she and Tommy are forced to flee to Las Vegas. But the mob has placed a huge bounty on their lives. They team up with the hooker’s pimp and a police detective from Tahoe. Will they outsmart and escape the mobsters or are their lives fated to be ruled by Murphy’s Law?

* * * *

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