Sneak Peek: Elizabeth Kirke’s More than Magic: Semester Aboard

Semester Aboard CoverToday we have a sneak peek from Elizabeth Kirke’s novel, More than Magic: Semester Aboard:

Jen is looking forward to spending an entire summer studying abroad on a cruise ship and she knows the experience will change her life. Then she sees something she wasn’t supposed to see, something she can’t explain. Jen finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed and her life will change more than she imagined. That is, if she can survive the dangers lurking on the ship.

More than Magic: Semester Aboard is available at, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and iTunes.

And now, from More than Magic: Semester Aboard:

A girl from one of my classes sat down at the table with us.

“Hey, Jen,” she said.

“Hi, Beth.” She hadn’t been in class today and looked awful. “Are you ok?”

She shrugged. “I feel pretty cruddy. Slept right through my alarm this morning and just got out of bed like, fifteen minutes ago. I thought I’d come get a snack. Did we get an assignment in class?”

“Yeah, here.” I sifted through my papers until I found it, and handed it to her. “I’m sorry you’re sick.”

“It’s ok. I’m starting to feel better and I’d rather be sick on the ship than in port.” She looked over the assignment and then handed it back. “Thanks. I’ll have to find the professor and get it from her.”

“Seems like something is going around,” I said.

“How’s your roommate?” Charlie asked. I looked over at him and stared in surprise. He sounded casual, but he was staring intently at Beth and his eyes were doing something I’d never seen them do before. His irises were a mix of dark reds and blacks that reminded me of smoldering coals.

“Oh, have you talked to Kaitlyn?” Beth asked. “She’s better too. I guess we both caught the same bug.”

I knew that non-magical people couldn’t see elementals eyes changing, but I hadn’t really gotten to experience it. Beth smiled at Charlie and answered him without a second glance, even though his eyes had suddenly changed. It was weird to know that she couldn’t see it. But, I was more concerned with Charlie. His eyes were now a mix of furiously flaring reds and oranges. He was still staring at Beth, but it looked like he was looking at her neck. Suddenly, he stood.

“Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Jen and I better get our project done,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said, trying not to show my confusion. “Let’s go do that. Have a good night, Beth. Feel better!”

Charlie hurried away from the table and I quickly followed him. I could actually feel heat radiating off of him as he walked.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

He turned, eyes still flaring, and put his hands on my shoulders. His hands were so hot they were nearly burning me.

“I don’t have time to explain. Beth, and probably everyone else who has been sick, didn’t catch a bug. A vampire has been feeding from them,” he said. He spoke so quickly and quietly that it took me a moment to process the words.

“Whoa,” I cried as it sunk in. “A vampire?”

“Listen very carefully. If I tell you to run, don’t hesitate and don’t argue. Run. Get back to your room as fast as you can and don’t let anyone in, and stay there until one of us gets you. Do you understand?”

“But…” My head was whirling. Vampires? Seriously?

“Do you understand?” he snapped.

I swallowed nervously. “Yes.”[subscribe2]

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