Author Richard Godwin Announces His Latest Title, “Mr. Glamour”

Mr. GlamourSomething dark is preying on the glitz of the glamour set. Chief Inspector Flare and his partner Steele investigate a series of bizarre killings targeting the wealthy and glamorous. The killer in Mr. Glamour knows all about design and what brands mean to his victims. As the police try to catch a predator who has climbed inside their heads, they find themselves up against a wall of secrecy. The investigation drives Flare and Steele – who are themselves harbouring secrets – to acts of darkness. And the killer is watching everyone, from the wealthy businessmen to their beautiful wives. Who is Mr. Glamour? This novel will keep you guessing until the unforeseeable end.

“Mr. Glamour is a striking effort from one of the most daring crime writers in the business. It is the noirest of noir…and hellishly addictive.” – Mike Stafford, BookGeeks Magazine.

Mr. Glamour is available for pre-order through and Amazon UK.



Week 12 Flash Fiction Contest: Nowhere

Photo by K.S. Brooks

The middle of nowhere. It’s 112° and your character has been on foot for hours already. Not one other vehicle has passed.

No food.

No water.

No shade.

What happened and what will happen?

In 250 words or less, tell me a story incorporating the elements in the picture. The 250 word limit will be strictly enforced. Continue reading “Week 12 Flash Fiction Contest: Nowhere”

A Reader’s POV – Chick Lit

This is probably one for the girls…I can’t imagine there are many male Chick Lit readers out there – it’s a genre written by women for women. So, do we love it, do we hate it, or do we love to hate it?

There is no doubt it is very popular. Why? Well, it’s an effortless read, and it’s easy to identify with the main female lead; she’s like a best friend. She’s got man problems, she’s probably on a diet, she probably hates her legs, her bum or her hair, she probably lives in a bedsit or small flat, anguishes over the zit that appears just before a hot date, she’s probably got an annoying cat whom she adores, and you like her because she’s not quite perfect.  She’s actually quite normal. Continue reading “A Reader’s POV – Chick Lit”

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