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Author Toney LA Tripp recently participated in an Indies Unlimited Freebie Friday. He was quite pleased with the exposure his book, All Jacked Up, received – which resulted in a surge of downloads. Since we here at Indies Unlimited don’t believe in tooting our own horn (much), Toney was kind enough to write about his experience, although it seems he was a bit nervous about revealing our identity. So I’ve helped out, just a tad. And now, author Toney LA Tripp:

The Turtle Vs. the HareThe old cartoon shows the turtle moving faster than the hare. Well, for the last month and a half, my numbers might as well have been the hare. Which I guess would make Amazon the turtle. And the turtle was clobbering me.

However, a friend and fellow writer dropped me a line and asked me to participate in a blog post she has with some partners (that being K. S. Brooks and Stephen Hise at Indies Unlimited).

Of course, I was skeptical, not knowing what kind of traffic they get. (For the record, we get zounds of traffic. I’m not sure what a zound is, but I know it’s a lot because it starts with a z.) However, I also asked myself what I had to lose. After talking to her a bit, I gave it a shot. (I can be very persuasive.)

I’m glad I did. (We are too, Toney!)

Not that there was anything magical or stratospheric. I mean, I didn’t suddenly have 5,000 downloads in one day, but I did go from ticking away numbers about as fast as the moon changes phases, to clicking just over 170 downloads in a 24 hour period.

Not drastic, but enough to show that there was some decent movement. Also enough to show me that it was a good decision to post on their blog. (Again, that’s Indies Unlimited.) The only drawback? Your book needs to be free. But, if you have a free book to offer, I’d definitely suggest giving their blog a shot. (That’s why we call it Freebie Friday – and we hope you’ll join us there each week.)

It helped me, for what that’s worth. (We think it’s worth a lot, Toney. Thanks for sharing!)


Toney LA Tripp is author of All Jacked Up. Jack doesn’t care about fitting in so much as simply living in peace. Having a quiet life with a partner that appreciates him. Yet, the floods keep coming. Will the rain ever stop pouring on Jack? You can read more about All Jacked Up at [subscribe2]


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  1. I made the plunge on Freebie Fridays as well and had a good result. I did three days free on Kindle Select and got 479 downloads. While I did tweet it and put on facebook as well, I think that being here also helped a lot. Go Indies!!

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