Announcing: The Indies Unlimited Fan Club

You love Indies Unlimited, right? Of course you do, I mean – who doesn’t? Let’s tell the world. Here is the deal:

Buy any item from the Indies Unlimited Gear store and send us a picture of yourself wearing, using, abusing it—whatever. Include a little information about yourself—whether you are a reader, writer, agent, publisher, editor, reviewer, publicist, etc… and why you love Indies Unlimited. Include links to your book, blog, website, facebook page. We’ll post that picture along with the information you send right here on the site so the world can learn of your guilty pleasure.

Once a month, we’ll run a poll for the IU Fan of the Month, and the winner will get their book featured in the sidebar for a month absolutely free. If you don’t have a book of your own, we will send you a coupon code for a free download of an eBook from one of the fabulous Indies Unlimited authors.

Great gear – great exposure. Does it get any better than that?


Freebie Friday Prep Day

Will Work for BooksNo one wants to work to find free eBooks. So tell us about yours here!

This is how it works: Each Thursday, we will put up a post like this one, calling for anyone who has a book to give away for FREE should provide ONLY the following in the comment section below:

1.  Book title
2.  Author name
3.  A one sentence blurb
4.  A link to download the book

The book must be free to anyone who clicks over to the link – not just Special Secret Squirrel Club members or whatever. You know who you are.

On Friday morning, we will randomly select five of these titles to post in the Freebie Friday Frenzy, a special vitamin-fortified post which will include book covers, link and blurb.

So let’s give it a try, shall we? Please make sure to follow the RULES above. Now, go ahead and tell the world about your free eBook:

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