The CZP / Rannu Fund for Writers of Speculative Literature

The CZP / Rannu Fund for Writers of Speculative Literature is now accepting entries for its 2012 awards.

Entry fee: $10.00 CDN or U.S. fee per entry, or $15.00 CDN or U.S. to enter both fiction and poetry categories.

Submission period: March 1, 2012 – May 31, 2012.

For more information, please visit their website.

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Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this contest information for the convenience of our readers.  We do not, however, endorse this or any contest/competition.  Entrants should always research a competition prior to entering. [subscribe2]

Catharsis or Carnival?

As anyone connected to the horror genre can tell you, we get more than our fair share of questions that boil down to “why do you read/write that stuff?” along with the accompanying nervous sidelong looks and wrinkled nose gestures. And, put on the spot, I’ve always found it difficult to give a reasoned answer, settling for either the glib (“because I’m more twisted than a yoga mom wrestling with a Slinky in a pretzel machine”) or the cop-out (a bewildered shrug). So when Sue Palmer from Book Junkies did me the recent kindness of asking me a far more nuanced and generously-phrased version of that question, I snapped her hand off and wrote down some thoughts. Only, I didn’t actually snap her hand off. That’s a metaphor, thankfully. Here are those thoughts, and I think they come closest to capturing what it is about the genre that attracts me, repels me, keeps me coming back as a reader, writer and even viewer. Well, all this and the euphoric thrill of the carnival ride, too; let’s not forget that. Continue reading “Catharsis or Carnival?”

Featured Title: Due and Just by J. Elle

Due and Just is the first story in the Justified Series. Caleb is a corporate executive. Danielle is a marketing executive. Due to a possible merger between their companies, they must work together. Despite an instant attraction between the two, both must deal with issues with their past relationships.

Love can be painful and full of misery. Do you ever wish you could unlove someone? Their smile just twists you up inside and their touch sends you to heaven. Yet, they make your world hell on earth.

Caleb Duncan knew this feeling, in love with a gorgeous, selfish woman. How could he remove her from his heart and life?

Danielle Scott loved a man who she just could not resist and that love turned on her in the worst of ways.These two beautiful, giving people have fallen for the wrong mates. They are both from different worlds, caught up in a sweet manipulation and trapped by calculated seduction. Can they find a way to be together? Everyone gets what’s owed to them as love and revenge are never satisfied. In the end, you gotta have what’s Due and Just, but can real love be truly Justified?

This title is available from Amazon.


Week 17 Flash Fiction Challenge Winner: Terveen Gill

Today we’re pleased to announce the winner of the 16th weekly Flash Fiction competition at Indies Unlimited.

The winning entry is rewarded with a special feature here today and a place in our collection of winners which will be published as an e-book at year end.

A total of 95 votes were cast in the contest this week. The winner (with 40% of those votes) is Terveen Gill.

Congratulations to Terveen, and thanks to everyone who participated – excellent entries! Now, without further ado, here’s the winning entry: Continue reading “Week 17 Flash Fiction Challenge Winner: Terveen Gill”