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Making of Bad Book Part 2

This is part 2 of the ugly truth behind the pretty lie behind the true but entirely fictional story of the nefarious yet delightful and somehow oddly musical collaboration that lead to the writing of Bad Book. You know, it takes a great deal of words to say a very long thing like that. You’re welcome.

In this episode, Kat helps JD fight a mysterious rash that threatens the very fabric of the space-time continuum, and Stephen sends a message to JD about a looming deadline. Erica yields to Kyle’s advances before learning he is actually the evil twin brother of her lost ex-husband’s father in law, and Antrobus learns an important lesson about sharing. Some of those scenes may have been cut to make room for commercials.

DISCLAIMER: This product is intended to be dry-cleaned only.


That’s the Stuff

Ring Lardner at work.

I took double my medication this morning by accident. What does this mean for you? I have no idea. What I do know is that I am very, very sleepy. And a little bit too intrigued by the wall paper. God, it’s pretty. Why am I crying? I just love you all so much. You know that, right? I don’t say it enough. I’ll try and do better from now on.

What was I just doing? Oh yes, writing. About something. I need something to write about. See writing, man, it’s like words and punctuation marks. God, they’re funny. Little squiggles like tiny amoebas on my screen…why are they moving? Man, I’m thirsty.

I used to write about sports. When I was 14 or 15. I had a press pass, and I got to go to all the Chargers games. And Padres. Etc. I think I got paid $4.16 an hour. That seems right. There was a full bar in the press room. And a buffet. I availed myself of both depending on who was tending bar.

God, my neighbors are arguing. I wish they’d shut up. It’s really distracting. I wonder what they think I do all day. I never leave the apartment. Hmmm…. Continue reading “That’s the Stuff”

Culture and writing style by Hugh Ashton

Author Hugh Ashton

First of all, I want to explain my position, which is a somewhat unusual one. I live in a country which is not the country of my birth, and doesn’t even use the same language (Japan is where I live, and the UK is where I lived up to 24 years ago). As a result, I tend to feel a little out of things – correction – I do feel very out of things, when it comes to contemporary society in the UK. Of course I return to Britain at relatively regular intervals, but not for long enough to absorb the culture in such a way that I can write meaningfully about it. After all, I left the UK when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister – she’s a name in history books now. John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown all came and went without my assistance. Continue reading “Culture and writing style by Hugh Ashton