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Three different video book trailers were featured this week on Indies Unlimited. Now it is your turn to vote for the one you felt was best. No money—no prizes—all for the glory.

This week’s entrants are:

1. Keepers of Water by R.G. Porter

2. Moonshine Murder by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

3. Affairs of the Heart by Borislava Borissova


Vote for your favorite video book trailer featured this week on Indies Unlimited:

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Featured Fan: K.S. “Kat” Brooks

K.S. Brooks

She’s not only the co-administrator of Indies Unlimited, she’s also a fan! Kat Brooks looks ready for summer (and a refill of her favorite beverage) with her sporty and stylish Indies Unlimited tee shirt, and her Indies Unlimited mug.

Kat writes, “I love Indies Unlimited. I do. I love it for a number of reasons. But since I can only give one here, I think the main reason is because IU draws people from all over the world – all ages, all walks of life – with one common bond: writing. I’ve been in this industry for a long time. It’s been pretty lonely. So finding this focal point for writers of all genres, of all levels of experience, is truly a gold mine of inspiration and knowledge. I’ve learned from newcomers as well as veterans. And, I feel as if I’m part of a big family. Indies Unlimited is the place to be.”

There’s more to Kat than her slavish devotion to making Indies Unlimited a better place to hang out. In addition to being the author of nine books, she is an award-winning novelist, photographer and poet. Her first novel, Lust for Danger, won Honorable Mention in the Jada Press Book of the Year Awards for Brooks, as well as a spot in the “Next Big Thing” tent at the Baltimore Book Festival in Baltimore, Maryland.

Brooks’ feature articles, poetry, and photography have appeared in magazines, newspapers, books and other publications both in the U.S. and abroad.

In the serenity of her surroundings in Washington State, Brooks devotes her time to writing action-adventure thrillers, romantic suspense novels, and children’s books which promote outdoor learning and literacy.

You can find Brooks’ website at

Thank you, Kat!

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Good Night, Irene.

Okay, I’ve seen this post a hundred times and I always said, “It’ll never happen to me.” Well, it did. What a feeling … and it is not good.

The computer glowed as I headed out to do some stuff. As usual, I waved goodbye to my electronic friend and off I went. Meanwhile, while I was out enjoying a Friday afternoon in Coral Gables, meeting a friend for happy hour, my computer decides to have its own kind of happy hour.

On arrival back at the homestead, I saw the blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. Ah—no problem, I thought. This has happened to me a million times. Punching the button, I sat back, waiting for the monster to awaken from its sleep. Nothing—after a few minutes, all I saw was a black screen with that damned cursor blinking at me from the upper left hand corner. Continue reading “Good Night, Irene.”

Week 18 Flash Fiction Challenge: Gold Fever

Photo by K.S. Brooks

Only two members of the expedition made it this far. Two turned back—two died along the way. These last two alone made it to the lost city of Quixtelopotec.

For a thousand years, the warriors of this fierce tribe tossed the golden jewelry of their vanquished enemies down this well as sacrifice to their God of War.

There will be riches beyond imagination. Far more than the two can carry, yet each will want it all. What happens next? Continue reading “Week 18 Flash Fiction Challenge: Gold Fever”