Sneak Peek: Vanished by Barbara Derksen

Vanished introduces readers to the beginning of the Wilton/Strait Mystery Series, with Presumed Dead, Fear Not, and then Silence adding to the collection. In Vanished, death, fire, and kidnapping send Andrea Wilton and Brian Strait to the country of Haiti where voodoo, restavic children, and scuba diving lead them to discover a diabolical plot that sets nerves on edge.

Vanished tells the story of Brian and Andrea’s search for their friends, Trent and Diane Michner, but before they ever get started, a neighbor is murdered on Andrea’s doorstep and then her house is burned to the ground. Two men in a black Mustang shadow the couple.

Vanished is available at Amazon US, Amazon CA, and at Barbara Ann’s Website.

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Promoting With Style

Anne Rice is a master promoter.

I am fascinated by people who move through life confidently promoting themselves and their projects. For this golden few, the prospect of walking into a room full of strangers inspires excitement and endless opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to meet them and talk to them about their latest pet project? These self-promoters exude a joy at networking that seems to be second nature.

For more introverted folk, the prospect of a cocktail party full of strangers has all the attraction of a root canal. This seems to be a common problem for writers, whose brains crave the solitude needed to create and the lack of distraction to focus. Often, the words that flow so easily onto the page trickle in conversation. Don’t fret, my friends, there is hope. Continue reading “Promoting With Style”

Inspiration? Phooey.

Author K.S. Brooks at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Author K.S. Brooks at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

As an author, one of the questions I’m asked quite often is: “where does your inspiration come from?” Frankly, I find that perplexing, even more so when it comes from another writer. I was speaking with a talented graphic artist the other day. She asked me, “don’t you hate it when people want to know where your inspiration comes from? That’s so ridiculous. It would be more appropriate to ask where doesn’t your inspiration come from?”

I’d always dismissed the question: scoffed at it, then indignantly deleted it whenever I saw it come up in writers’ discussion group emails. It wasn’t until this graphic artist rephrased the question to me that I realized that it’s not about being a writer – it’s about being creative. Continue reading “Inspiration? Phooey.”