Sneak Peek: Nettie Parker’s Backyard by C.V. Smith

Nettie Parker's BackyardToday we have a Sneak Peek from C.V. Smith’s World War II Historical Fiction mystery for children, Nettie Parker’s Backyard:

Ask anyone who knows Nettie Parker, and they’ll say that she’s an amazing, mystical woman…what else would you call someone who receives supernatural signs sent just to them? And being able to live longer than anyone else? Now Nettie faces her toughest struggle yet: uncovering the mystery of her supernatural signs and the purpose of her unusually long life. Do the strange statues that suddenly appear in her backyard point to any clues? Halley, Nettie’s young friend, plays detective as she re-visits Nettie’s past, a journey that takes the reader from South Carolina to England and back again. Can Halley put all the pieces together and solve the puzzle?

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Who Knew?

Author Carolyn Steele

Writing a decent book takes work apparently, I’m gobsmacked. No, really. I mean, you go off for a couple of years Having Adventures, you blog about it as you go, then you tack the blog posts together and call it a book…that should be enough, right?

Then, when you send the book to your favourite editor he writes back, “This is just a series of events.” Well, duh, that’s what I wrote, it’s what happened. He goes on to tell me stuff that should only apply to fiction writers, and moreover, the sort of fiction writers who haven’t read Lin’s Breaking the Rules series. “People like to read about conflict and resolution, you need some more structure and direction and a lot more internal motivation. This has to be about your psychological journey.” Continue reading “Who Knew?”

Pin the Phrase on the Author – Round 2 Answers


Everyone has gotten a chance to read articles by the IU staff, but how did you do at picking their writing out of a lineup?

We posted five lines from five books by five different authors on the Indies Unlimited staff and asked you to match the correct line with the correct author. If you haven’t had a chance to play, here is the link to the original article before you peek at the answers below the fold. You’re not peeking below the fold are you? I thought I felt a draft.

The authors are next to the lines from their own books.

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Meet the Author: JZ Murdock

Author JZ Murdock

Author JZ Murdock says he spent the first half of his life afraid of even trying to be a writer. “That was a lofty goal, I wasn’t worthy. Not until my first college English composition teacher told me to just stop worrying about the mechanics so much and all the author hero worship, and just write.”

He has done just that. His writing has encompassed non-fiction and fiction. He is now also shopping around some completed screenplays.  “I was a Technical Writer for years because as a kid I had read Isaac Asimov say that most of the first great Sci Fi writers were Tech Writers for the military. Funny how I ended up in the USAF for a while and then later worked as a Tech Writer after I got my degree.”

One of the great pleasures of writing for JZ is taking the reader on a ride or a journey that they have never taken before—giving them a new way to think about something. Continue reading “Meet the Author: JZ Murdock”