Navigating the Facebook Timeline

By now most of you have probably seen the new Facebook timeline. As a developer I’ve been using it for the past several months and have long since gotten used to it, though it did take some time to figure out a few of the settings. The most annoying of which is that Facebook would like to share everything with everyone. Big Brother would be proud.

In this Tutorial Tuesday post we’re going to guide you through the timeline settings, and in the process show you how to avoid posting something that you might not want to share with the public. Why you would post it on Facebook in the first place is a question you will have to answer for yourself.  Continue reading “Navigating the Facebook Timeline”

Eavesdrop Your Way To Better Dialogue

Ideally, dialogue in fiction is supposed to be a representation of how people actually speak. (Extracting the polite greetings and chitchat and such, unless that chitchat reveals story or character.) So how better to learn the way people actually speak than listen to them conversing with one another?

Before I get arrested as an accessory to violation of privacy, I’m not saying that you should put your ear up to walls (unless something particularly juicy is going on and you stand to make a few bucks selling the story to the tabloids) or hang out outside people’s domiciles with a shotgun mic. I’m talking about a little public eavesdropping. Don’t think you can pull it off without blushing, staring, urinary incontinence, or otherwise giving yourself away? Try some of my favorite Harriet The Spy eavesdropping tips: Continue reading “Eavesdrop Your Way To Better Dialogue”