Video Trailer: Servant of the Gods

Orphaned as a child, Irisi became a mercenary to survive. Captured by the Egyptian army and made the spoils of war, she finds herself drawn to their commander. Though the attraction is mutual even he can’t save her from enslavement and she’s forced to fight in the ring for entertainment. In a desperate attempt to regain her freedom she throws herself on the mercy of the Gods, only to discover that her fate is written in prophecy…

Servant of the Gods is available from Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Video Trailer: Servant of the Gods”

  1. The goo points: Excellent photos and music. Donwside: Ab it too long. Might look in increasing the pace as the timeline moves along building up the excitement. Four stars

    1. I really need to read what I write before hitting the submit button. goo-good / Ab it-A bit / look in- look into. My apologies.

  2. Sensational, hot and fierce is the three words I can come up with to describe Ms. Douglas book and now video of Servant of the Gods. Ms. Douglas has brilliantly extracted the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses supernaturally from ancient times and transplanted them into a suspenseful 21st century tale, complete with strife, battles,danger and hints of a forbidden love. I am only half way through and now off to enjoy more.

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