Author Carol Wyer Joins the Staff of Indies Unlimited

Author Carol Wyer
Author Carol Wyer

Carol Wyer has been a Facebook author friend and supporter for a long while. She is witty and funny and multi-talented.  She also flies helicopters, and I need an airborne platform for the laser death ray. I am delighted to welcome Carol to the Indies Unlimited syndicate.

Carol is an ex-teacher and linguist who used to tear around the streets of Casablanca on a VéloSoleX (you may need to look that one up) avoiding donkeys.

Having spent the last two decades trying out all sorts of new challenges such as kick boxing, scuba diving and flying helicopters she has calmed down a little and now is learning to paint, attempting to teach herself Russian (although she doesn’t seem to progress much past ‘dva pivo’ – two beers) and writing a series of novels and articles which take a humorous look at getting older.

She is currently putting the final touches to Surfing in Stilettos, the sequel to the award-winning Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, much to the dismay of her permanently neglected husband who will once again have to put up with ready-made meals and a dusty house.

To learn more about Carol, go to or follow Carol on Twitter: @cewyer.

Please welcome  Carol Wyer to the Indies Unlimited family.

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17 thoughts on “Author Carol Wyer Joins the Staff of Indies Unlimited”

  1. Hi Carol,

    Had my husband not thrown out all my Russian language books and dictionaries from when I was in the Navy, I might have been able to help you a bit, lol. He didn't like lugging them around when we move. Nice to see you on here; look forward to reading your posts.

    1. Darn – that could have sped things up for me. I've been watching 'Russia Today' but it's not helping much nor is Hubby who just keeps saying 'Vladimir' and 'Kalashnikov' in a silly voice. Help is definitely required! Thanks for the welcome.

  2. OH! Helicopters! I may need to pick your brain (no, I'm not a Zombie). I'll be joining the IU team shortly. I used to speak a little Russian, and I have done some painting, and did snorkel once or twice when I was trying NOT to drown.

    Now I'm just retired Air Force and a farmer- with that author thing thrown in too.

    1. I left a comment earlier but it seems to have gone walkabout so here goes again…

      I'm not sure if I'm the right person to give advice because I have been told off on more than one occasion about my cavalier approach to life. (Usually by Hubby.)

      We've just moved to a farming area and I was hoping to get Hubby involved with some livestock…what do you recommend? I fancy alpacas…or donkeys 😉

  3. How lovely to see you here, Carol. I signed up for the daily emails a few weeks ago and have just sent in all the material for a sneak peek.

    1. Thank you Mary

      I get daily emails too and it has helped hugely. I check them out every morning and then settle down for my Ed tutorial or Flash Fiction fix. There are some great articles here…hang on I sound like I'm pimping to you. You are already hooked!

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