Sneak Peek: McKinley Summit

At 21, Cody Packman was in big trouble. The meth’d out skinheads – the Aryan Boys, in the San Fernando Valley were not going to let him walk away from their gang without a fight. The attack was brutal and would leave scars. He survived, but they were still after him.

Cody thought his escape would be with his childhood friend, Chuck, who had avoided the same gang by moving to Alaska. But soon after arriving to Alaska Cody quickly discovers that Chuck’s uncle Armond is the head of the largest cocaine organization in Alaska, and Chuck is his delivery boy.

With a little manipulation from Armond, Cody, like Chuck, is seduced into the life of a big time drug dealer and all of its trappings, money, power and girls. When events take an unexpected turn and his mistakes catch up to him, Cody realizes that the Skinheads of Fernando Valley were tame kittens compared to Armond.

Everyone wants a piece of him, from the drug dealers, to the local police, to the DEA and the FBI. Cody must use everything he’s learned just to stay alive with the looming question of who will get to him first?

Set against the awe-inspiring wilderness of Alaska, and at the base of the tallest mountain in the country, McKinley Summit is an action adventure that takes off from the beginning and doesn’t stop till the last page.

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Author Warren Murphy Announces His New Title “Fifty Shades of Stupid”

Fifty Shades of StupidWarren Murphy, whose books and stories have sold fifty million copies worldwide, has just released a new title: Fifty Shades of Stupid.

Fifty Shades of Stupid is Murphy’s response to E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, and is written under the pseudonym “Poupon Grey.” The book was released on May 24, 2012 by Destroyer Books and already has five-star reviews:

“… 50 Shades of Stupid is a hilarious analysis of the momporn phenom known as 50 shades of Grey. I found myself laughing out loud the whole time I read this short but trenchant gem. Highly recommended!”

“There are a lot of “50 Shades” parodies out there now. This is not one of them. Instead, this is … more of a review. It provides 20 points about how the book is dumb, and 30 examples of the book’s worst writing. If you know someone who likes the book, this could be used as a conversational guide to engage in them in debate, and/or to show them the error of their ways. It highlights the book’s most laughable atrocities in a funny, conversational way. In any case, it’s definitely worth the 99 cents.”

“Well, this 99 cents was worth it, about 99 belly laughs at a penny apiece. I am now satisfied that i have caught up to today’s cultural phenomenon without having to read the original…”

Fifty Shades of Stupid is available for Kindle on

Warren Murphy is author of over 200 books, including the Trace series and the long-running satiric adventure, The Destroyer. He has written for the movies and television: Lethal Weapon 2, The Eiger Sanction, Remo Williams, and Murphy’s Law. For more information on Warren, visit his Author Page or his website.