How To Get A Gravatar by Zoë Lake

Are you like me and ever wondered how all those other bloggers, and the like, have their image on their posts? Have you spent hours trawling over a website looking for the magic button that will allow you to upload your image too, only to be disappointed when you just couldn’t find THAT MAGIC BUTTON! and ended up feeling downright frustrated with a headache to boot?

Well wonder no more my friends, because this is how you can have your image on your blog and forum posts too. is where you can access this great, free (Yippee!), online program that will allow you to do all of the above! Following is a short tutorial to help get you started.

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Feeling a Bit Wobbly?

Tell someone you’re writing a book and you can expect a few stock responses. On a good day, initial excitement tops the list. This is often followed by a remark that he or she could write a whiz-bang bestseller but doesn’t have the time (as if that’s all it takes). Or you might be told to move along because you’re blocking the drive-through window. What I hear frequently is some variation on, “Boy, rough business. You need a really thick skin to do that.” Continue reading “Feeling a Bit Wobbly?”