Video Trailer: The Power of Powers by Lon Dee

The fabled Silk Route reveals many stories on its long path—wars, conquests, dreams, riches, and mysteries. One of those mysteries—an ancient secret thousands of years old—lies hidden within the Mogao Caves. Young siblings Orchid and Monkey Huang are about to discover how powerful and dangerous that secret is. A mystical force pulls them to a land caught in a war between rival dynasties. As they’re drawn into a conflict with mythical gods, a vengeful sorcerer, the pernicious Great Powers, battle-hardened soldiers, and ferocious beasts, Orchid and Monkey struggle to uncover their own great powers and talents.

The Power of Powers, the young adult fantasy novel by Lon Dee, is available on, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.  [subscribe2]

Sneak Peek: Shepherd’s Moon by Stacy Mantle

Today we have a sneak peek from Stacy Mantle’s paranormal book, Shepherd’s Moon.

Shepherd's Moon by Stacy MantleIt’s taken Alex twelve years to earn the official title of Shepherd but she’s now mostly trained, fairly effective, and the first female in over two centuries to hold the position as protector of animals. All animals…

Everything changes when a chance encounter with a genetically modified Shifter leaves Alex shaken and initiates a quest to locate its maker. In a desperate bid to save her pack, Alex must infiltrate the Parallax Corporation – an international organization with their hands in everything from biomedical engineering to publishing. They have now expanded their efforts to include terrorism and are attempting to breed the perfect weapon.

Despite years of training and enough money from her live-in pack of misfits to finance a small country, Alex finds herself woefully unprepared to tackle the new threat. To make matters worse, Alex must work with a mysterious man who’s been trying to kill her since the day they met. Together with her pack, Alex must learn how to stop the biological cloning and find those responsible for the plan before it really does become a global threat.

Shepherd’s Moon is available for the Kindle on and in print from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Shepherd’s Moon by Stacy Mantle”

My Hormones Made Me Do It – Encore

Our L.A. Lewandwoski needed the day off, so for your reading pleasure, here’s an encore of her post “My Hormones Made Me Do It”.

Hormones. You can’t live with too many, and you can’t live without enough. Yes, my friend, without the proper hormone balance you will curl up like the feet of the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy removed the Ruby Slippers. Hormones are fascinating little buggers, and incredibly useful to the premenstrual writer. Sit back and enjoy the scene below as written by a woman in the grips of estrogen dominance.

I am the White Ninja.

One evening I sat at the kitchen table and watched my husband walk around the pool surveying his kingdom. Suddenly, I detested him and was determined to arrest his ability to suck in oxygen that should have rightly been mine. I imagined myself as a White Ninja, creeping stealthily up behind him, unsheathing the gleaming weapon I had sharpened only that morning. He turned, eyes widening as the swoosh of my sword smoothly sliced across his neck, decapitating him. It was a clean and perfect cut. His head bounced twice landing in the pool, the crimson clouds spreading smoothly like crimson cumulus clouds. Continue reading “My Hormones Made Me Do It – Encore”

eBookit Releases “Tale of the Taconic Mountains” by Mike Romeling

Tale of the Taconic MountainsEveryone had an agenda, and was it only coincidence that they came together in the same village nestled in the ancient Taconic Mountains? Completely involved with their own pursuits, the visitors were unaware of older agendas within the dying town and on the ridges of the brooding mountain with its secrets, dark mysteries, and the seemingly ageless Boudine Sisters.

And if the result could be laced with humor and absurdity, it was always tempered by this truth: sometimes, deep in the heart of the New England mountains, something is going on, both lighter than air and darker than starless night.

Tale of the Taconic Mountains was published in March of this year by eBookit. It is available for purchase on, Barnes & Noble and eBookit.