Video Trailer: Black Cow by Magdalena Ball

Freya and James Archer live the high life in a luxury home in Sydney’s poshest suburb, with money, matching Jags, two beautiful teenage kids . and they couldn’t be more despondent. Recession is biting in Australia, and the Archers are afraid. In a desperate bid for happiness they shed the fragile trappings of success and decide to live off the land in a remote farmhouse on in Tasmania. But is this an end to their old misery or the beginning of an even greater one?

Black Cow, by Magdalena Ball, is available from,  Book Depository, and Barnes & Noble.



Sneak Peek: Tony Moffitt’s “Die By The Sword”

Die By The SwordToday we have a sneak peek from Tony Moffitt’s action-adventure novel, Die By The Sword:

A 200 year old military secret that would change America and Australia forever… A hero unlike any other you have met before… An action-packed adventure that sweeps around the world from America to the storm-ravaged oceans of Australia’s Bass Strait. A tense mystery where nothing is what it seems and no one is who they say.

Die By The Sword is available through and Amazon UK. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Tony Moffitt’s “Die By The Sword””

How Not to Prepare for a Radio Interview

Ron Letterman of WGMD interviews K.S. Brooks
Ron Letterman of WGMD interviews K.S. Brooks

Two weeks ago, I was scheduled to do a live radio interview with the talented Mr. Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live! Radio. Cyrus and I had worked together about a year ago, and I knew him to be professional, enthusiastic, and passionate about books. I was looking forward to the interview despite the fact I dislike doing promotions.

Cyrus Webb does his homework. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do mine. I had planned on having all three Mr. Pish children’s books in front of me, as well as print drafts of the three currently in the works. I was going to have a list of all the states and provinces Mr. Pish has visited. The call would take place in a relaxed, quiet setting, on a fully charged phone, and I was going to be the consummate professional.

There’s one thing I forgot to keep in mind: This ain’t no perfect world. Continue reading “How Not to Prepare for a Radio Interview”

Featured Author: Erik Hanberg

Author Erik Hanberg

Erik Hanberg has been a writer all his life. He started writing novels in 7th grade, with dreams of being a middle school novelist. Fortunately for everyone involved, he was not successful.

But he stuck with it, and worked to make each book better than the last.

All in all, he’s written ten novels, two of which are available in the Amazon store and on the Kindle (The Saints Go Dying and The Marinara Murders), as well as numerous screenplays, plays, short stories, and even a stray poem or two.

He is also author of the bestselling fundraising guide “The Little Book of Gold: Fundraising for Small (And Very Small) Nonprofits” which has been a Top 100 Kindle Book for Nonprofits for more than 6 months. Continue reading “Featured Author: Erik Hanberg”