Luctor et Emergo

Trust the soup of your creativity.

I wasn’t sure how to start my last post of 2013 until one evening when I was watching a replay of game six of the Stanley Cup playoffs from 2004. The Calgary Flames were up on the Tampa Bay Lightning three games to two. My family had the luck and forethought to purchase four tickets before the 2004 playoffs began. I just knew we were going to win the Stanley Cup. Seeing the Lightning win game seven and the ensuing celebration with the traditional raising of the cup over the victors’ heads is something I will never forget. How did I know they were going to win? Continue reading “Luctor et Emergo”

Featured Promo Site: That Part Where

Get Readers Between Your Covers

We know that the good stuff is between the covers of your book. It’s not a special price that makes your book unique. It’s the story inside. That’s what people love and that’s why we started That Part Where—a new way to promote your book.

We’re authors ourselves and we became frustrated by both the insistence of price promotion and short duration of exposure on other book promo sites. We had this crazy idea that we could sell our books at a fair price instead of always giving them away.

We wanted to change the way books were marketed so we created That Part Where to be different from all other book promotion sites.

So, how is it different?

We don’t focus on discounts or giveaways. We focus on what really makes a book great—the scenes inside. We share an exciting scene of your choosing with our readers. You know the scene we’re talking about. It’s that part where the reader gets a great sense of your writing style, the characters and just has to go buy the book to find out what happens next. Cracking open the covers and reading a scene is one of the biggest ways readers decide to purchase a book. We put your sample right in front of them.

We create a custom ad based on the scene that you can use to drive people to the post. It will feature your cover and a headline written specifically for that scene and you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

We’re going to use that ad as well. Bestseller ranks are most affected by consistent sales, not spikes. We want to drive readers to your post for more than a single day. That’s why we’ll include your That Part Where ad in our online campaign for 30 days. We target avid readers across Google and when they click on the ad they will be taken directly to your post.

We’re indie priced. We know how things are. We’re indies, too. We’ll share your scene, create the ad and include it in our online campaign for just $10.

It’s simple really. And, that’s how we want it. We want to make promoting your book easy, effective and affordable. And we want to do it by focusing on what makes every book unique—the story inside.

Check out and get some readers between your covers.

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Freebie Friday Merges with Thrifty Thursday

We have been informed by an inside source who wishes to remain anonymous (it was Hise) that effective after December 13, 2013, Freebie Friday will be merged with Thrifty Thursday.

“Thrifty Thursday will now incorporate 99¢ and free e-books as well as those with upcoming Kindle Countdown Deals. This will present readers with more of a one-stop shopping experience and add to the overall utility of the weekly feature,” said the anonymous source (Hise). The last Freebie Friday is scheduled to run tomorrow (12-12-2013).

The anonymous Hise went on to explain, “We have seen some diminished participation by authors in the Freebie Friday feature, and we believe this is a signal that marketing strategies have moved in a different direction. This is a way for Indies Unlimited to recognize those changes without abandoning those who still embrace free promotion.”

The Freebie Friday feature had been a mainstay of Indies Unlimited almost since the beginning of the site. Asked what will now become of the vacated time slot, the unnamed Hise suggested that Indies Unlimited has plenty of content to keep readers entertained and informed.

As of the time of this report, no riots had been reported. Well, there was one, but it seemed to be related to holiday shopping. Still, the day is young.

You can check out this week’s Thrifty Thursday post here.