Freebie Friday Merges with Thrifty Thursday

We have been informed by an inside source who wishes to remain anonymous (it was Hise) that effective after December 13, 2013, Freebie Friday will be merged with Thrifty Thursday.

“Thrifty Thursday will now incorporate 99¢ and free e-books as well as those with upcoming Kindle Countdown Deals. This will present readers with more of a one-stop shopping experience and add to the overall utility of the weekly feature,” said the anonymous source (Hise). The last Freebie Friday is scheduled to run tomorrow (12-12-2013).

The anonymous Hise went on to explain, “We have seen some diminished participation by authors in the Freebie Friday feature, and we believe this is a signal that marketing strategies have moved in a different direction. This is a way for Indies Unlimited to recognize those changes without abandoning those who still embrace free promotion.”

The Freebie Friday feature had been a mainstay of Indies Unlimited almost since the beginning of the site. Asked what will now become of the vacated time slot, the unnamed Hise suggested that Indies Unlimited has plenty of content to keep readers entertained and informed.

As of the time of this report, no riots had been reported. Well, there was one, but it seemed to be related to holiday shopping. Still, the day is young.

You can check out this week’s Thrifty Thursday post here.

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One thought on “Freebie Friday Merges with Thrifty Thursday”

  1. How fitting. The last Freebie Friday will be Friday the 13th.

    Though, I’m sad to see it go as a separate post. It’s easy to know that all books in a post are free or all books are 99 cents. But, I guess I’ll just have to put on my discerning eye and look at the list price.

    Farewell, Freebie Friday.

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