New Reader Request Feature: You Asked for It

Every day the staff of Indies Unlimited shares with you from its vast reservoir of experience—or we at least try to write something entertaining. But maybe you have a burning question or a topic you would like to see addressed.

To make sure we meet your needs, scratch where it itches, bark up the right tree and all that other stuff, we are starting a new regular feature dedicated to reader requests. The feature will be called “You Asked for It.”

Each week, we’ll put up a post like this. If you have a topic you’d like to see addressed, make your suggestion in the comment section. If we can’t point you to an article in our database that addresses your question we will shop it to our staff. When the column appears, we”ll credit you with giving us the idea for the column.

It would read something like, Indies Unlimited reader Debbie Authorstein asks: What kind of services should I expect from an editor?

It won’t be something like, Indies Unlimited staffer JD Mader asks: What was that thing Hise was wearing the other day? Was that a moo-moo?

If you’re ready, we can kick it off right now. Got a topic you’d like to see taken on by the formidable smarties at Indies Unlimited? Post it in the comments below.

Author: Administrators

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10 thoughts on “New Reader Request Feature: You Asked for It”

  1. Who to choose and why?

    When self publishing, who do you choose? What is the most cost effective route to take and why? Will they be able to provide hard cover, soft cover and e-book formats?

  2. If you are an author and your writing is different from your other professional work, what are some best practices for keeping your identities under control so that they don’t harm one another?

    Fun examples: It’s cool if your a forensic psychologist that writes murder mysteries (everybody loves that) but if you’re a school guidance counselor that wrote a fiction novel titled “I Slept with Your Mom then Killed Her!” I imagine it gets really strange when it comes time to promote.

  3. Prioritizing when under time crunch.

    My book is a political satire ideal for promoting during the election. Unfortunately, my marketing is entirely from scratch and I’m brand new at this. I want to strike while the iron’s hot but I’m not sure what marketing activities to focus my energies on the most considering my limited time.

    Thanks for any advice!

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