Featured Book: The Spark

The SparkThe Spark
by John Kenny
Book Genre: Action Adventure/Thriller
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Searching for the truth is the most dangerous thing firefighter Donny Robertson will ever do. Everyone believes the blaze that killed Donny’s Captain, was just a tragic accident. Everyone but Donny that is. And the people who will do anything to keep the truth hidden.


He was thinking too much. He was trying to plan the whole fire and they hadn’t even arrived yet. He was scared. Scared was good, up to a point. Donny didn’t trust anyone who wasn’t a little scared going into a fire. That wasn’t courage, it was stupidity, and it would get you hurt or killed. Beyond sensible caution, however, fear was just as dangerous: it led to panic, and panic was deadly. They could see the flames boiling out of the second-story window as they turned onto Pembroke Street. A crowd of people stood gawking and pointing, and a man on the front lawn was screaming about a lady trapped on the third floor. Donny took a deep breath. Trust your instincts, he told himself.

What others say: 

“The Spark” by John Kenny combines all the elements of a good crime novel: intrigue, conflict, suspense, action, and a touch of romance… Highly recommended. – Richard Blake, Reader Views

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