September Releases

Just in time for some cozy Fall reading, here are some hot new books to read while snuggled up under your favorite blankie.

The Transition of Johnny Swift - 120x177The Transition of Johnny Swift by Kerry J. Donovan

When Frank Brazier wakes in hospital a voice tells him to save his sister, but he’s blind, injured, and nobody believes him. What can he do?

The Transition of Johnny Swift is available from and Amazon UK.

Kidnapping in Kauai 120x177Kidnapping in Kaua’i by Ava Easter

Ancient Hawaiian gods are wrecking high schooler Lani’s life. But when her aunt is snatched, Lani needs their help before the worst happens.

Kidnapping in Kaua’i is available on and Amazon UK.

the art of secrets 120x177The Art of Secrets by Vicky Adin

Journalist Emma meets aging author Charlotte. Both are loners. They’ve suffered and trust no one. Will sharing their past heal or hurt them?

The Art of Secrets is available from and Amazon UK.

Sunstrike The Journey HomeSunstrike: The Journey Home by Bev Robitai

A young man, stranded overseas when a solar storm knocks out earth’s technology, has a challenging journey to get home.

Sunstrike: The Journey Home is available at, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

lost and found 120x177Lost and Found by Mike Power

A series of wrenching experiences throw a man down the rabbit hole of life where he finds the only thing that can save him is true love.

Lost and Found is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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