Thrifty Thursday: Super Savings!

TTYou don’t need superpowers to find great deals on amazing books. How can you get better than free? And 99 cents is nothing to sneeze at, either. So take a running start and check out these fantastic eBook deals.

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44 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Super Savings!”

  1. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is disabled and painfully shy but is forced to take action when a stranger needs her help—an Amazon bestseller set in Poland.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  2. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  3. Moonlight Mayhem
    Helen Haught Fanick
    A country wedding and one guest with bitter enemies present–murder is inevitable.

    Special price of 99 cents till Sunday!

  4. Seductive Supernaturals #Paranormal #Romance #Boxset
    Specially Priced at #99cents for a Limited Time
    Bad boys, tortured alpha heroes, and kick-ass heroines all come together in 12 steamy full-length paranormal romance novels and novellas from NY Times, USA Today, and national bestselling authors!

  5. Back From Chaos; Book One of Earth’s Pendulum
    by Yvonne Hertzberger
    Klast – assassin, spy, loner, unlikeliest of heroes. The goddess needs him.

    97 cents on Amazon, 99 on Smashwords

  6. SINS OF THE FLESH Paranormal Suspense
    Specially Priced at #99Cents for a Limited Time
    Ex-Soldier turned mercenary is sent to capture or kill a suspected murderer, but the woman that he finds is nothing like what he expected.

  7. DANGEROUS WATERS – THE GUERNSEY NOVELS BOOK 1 by Anne Allen Romance/mystery PROMO price 99c/99p from 6-10 November
    Award-winning 5*tale of love, loss & mystery on lovely island of Guernsey

  8. Santa and the Border Collie
    Angelo and Leland Dirks
    A homeless boy, a Border Collie, and a guy named Nick Claus find each other, and a little magic, in Seattle.

    99 cents

  9. Four Mothers: A Short Story Collection.
    RJ Crayton
    Sometimes, a mother’s flaws are dangerous: four stories, four mothers, four crises, one great read.

    99 cents

  10. Kindle Deal: Only $0.99 for “Living the Thin Life: Creative Ways to Maintain Your Weight for Life” until November 10th!
    Discover your own unique eating personality and develop a personalized plan for fitness and weight maintenance. Plus over 50 recipes!

  11. To Ignite a Fire on Enceladus and Jack London’s To Build a Fire
    Vincent Miskell
    “To Ignite a Fire on Enceladus” is an imaginative science fiction variation or update on Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” –both stories are together.

    99 cents

  12. Beneath the Canyons
    by Kyra Halland
    In this high fantasy set in a world inspired by the Wild West, a bounty hunter and a rancher’s daughter team up to stop the renegade wizard who has torn her hometown apart.
    $0.99 through November 9!

  13. The Body in the Bed
    by Jerold Last
    This suspenseful whodunit mystery brings Roger and Suzanne back to Montevideo, Uruguay where another bloody murder needs to be solved.

    $0.99 permanent price

  14. HIS Desire (An H.I.S. Novel)
    Sheila Kell
    HIS DESIRE is 99cents! “A great First novel for Sheila and the best Indie Author I’ve read for a while.”

    99cents Nov 5-7 only

  15. The Myth of Kukulkan
    Geoffrey R Tigg
    This fictional detective mystery is set in Mexico City and Vancouver Canada, where Kelly O’Brian, a Canadian RCMP detective, gets involved in the unraveling of a 450 year old Mayan puzzle.

    Price $0.99 to 8th Nov.

  16. Ten Commandments for the Thriving Writer: Enjoying and Embracing the Freelance Writing Life
    By Karen Banes
    Advice and inspiration for freelance writers.

    $0.99 from November 6th – 12th 2014

  17. Murder! Too Close To Home
    by J.T. Lewis
    Solving this mystery will cost him the ultimate sacrafice!

    Perma free @ all retailers

  18. The Copy
    Grant Boshoff
    An ambitious geneticist comes to the misguided conclusion that cloning himself will help balance his career & crumbling marriage.

    Free on Kindle store: Friday 7 November through Sunday 9 November, 2014.

  19. Grandfather’s Uncle
    by Philip J McQuillan, Jane L Franklin and Lisa D Wolfe

    Free at most book retailers during November

  20. Appalachian Justice
    by Melinda Clayton
    Depression-era West Virginia could be brutal; no one understood that more than Billy May Platte.

    $0.99 for the next 24 hours.

  21. Violet’s Problem
    By Candida Martinelli
    Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice Nominee – From the Historical Novel Society’s Review: “I adored this sweet little book and look forward to continuing my acquaintance with Violet in the future.”

    99 cents save $2

  22. Burnouts, Geeks & Jesus Freaks: a love story
    by Karen Gordon
    You will laugh, cry and fall in love with this nostalgic, realistic look at first love and first lovers.

    99 cents through Sunday, 11/9

  23. Visionary/Fantasy novel set in medieval Bohemia – The Witch Within – is available for .99 cents ONLY until November 11!

    Don’t miss out 🙂

  24. Politics and Murder! FADE ROUTE is a great way to end the election season.
    Fans of Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker will enjoy this hard-boiled mystery.

    On sale for 99 cents through November 12.

  25. The Woman Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time
    Eli Yaakunah
    Ishtar is promoted to the top secret department of the News Agency that monopolizes information, and starts a very dangerous investigation.

    On sale for 99¢ until November 17

  26. “Christmas Time: Make Your Christmas Memorable with Fun Decorations, Appetizers, and Activities”
    By Alex Kovalevskiy
    You will learn how to decorate, what to cook, what gifts to choose, and what activities to be engaged in during the Christmas!

    FREE from 13/11/2014 to 15/11/2014

  27. Tiva Boon: Royal Guardian
    Jenn Nixon
    Final Fantasy meets Star Trek in this epic Sci-Fi Adventure.

    0.99 Cents from 11/27 through 12/1

    Thank you!

  28. 1. Book title: Predatory Kill
    2. Author nameL Kenneth Eade
    The last thing lawyer Brent Marks expected was for his case against the big banks to turn into a murder investigation

    99 cents from November 13, 2014 through November 17, 2014

  29. The Greatest Blessings
    Mark Isaacs
    The fabulous Lords Fame, Fortune and Power command a forsaken runaway named Boy to decide which one of their namesake blessings is the greatest.

    Just 99 cents from 11/15/14 to 11/22/14

    S.E. Meyer
    This book answers three of life’s most burning questions:Where do we really come from, why are we here, and where do we go when we die?

    $0.99 Permanent (15 Five Star Reviews!)

  31. Caterpillar’s Dream $0.99
    Roitman Trillo
    Caterpillar wants to see the world but she can’t fly. Will someone help her make her dreams come true?

  32. An Involuntary Spy
    By Kenneth Eade

    When a scientist working for a large biotech firm discovers collusion between his company and the government to cover up dangers of genetically modified foods, he goes on the run.
    $0.99 November 13 through 18

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