Kindle Unlimited Friday – Black Friday Edition

KU thanksgivingThat’s right, it’s Kindle Unlimited Friday. Sit down, grab a turkey leg, and get ready to download a bunch of free eBooks. Not sure what Kindle Unlimited is? Our Lynne Cantwell tells you right here. KU books can be downloaded for free by KU members. So…

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34 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited Friday – Black Friday Edition”

  1. Burning Through
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A woman finds her house is haunted by a fire-setting ghost and races to discover the secret to the fires before they consume her home, her marriage … and her life.

    Regularly $4.99

  2. One Night in the Hill Country
    Felipe Adan Lerma
    Sam (Samantha) must protect and rescue herself and a captured group of native Texan and illegal immigrant children held by misguided brother and sister Rolf and Tara.

    Reg $2.99

  3. Fleischerhaus
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A young woman experiences a past-life memory of being murdered during the Holocaust and struggles to bring justice to the person she used to be.

    Regularly $4.99

  4. Dirty Sixth Street, Austin
    Felipe Adan Lerma
    Sam (Samantha) first meets some of the children in One Night in the Hill Country, one of whom’s been robbed, and helps them find the thief during a typical wild evening on one of Austin’s best known party streets.

    $2.99 (short story, suggested price by Amazon)

  5. Loyalty
    Matthew Lewis
    Meet the real Richard III & uncover the Tudor dynasty’s biggest secret.


  6. No Rest for the Spirit and Other Ghostly Tales
    by Annie Rachel Cole
    In this collection of twelve chilling tales, ghosts rule. From a phantom trucker to a vengeful spirits, no one is safe.


  7. City Life
    Helen Haught Fanick
    Frank Novak thinks dealing with the criminal element in his neighborhood is his worst problem–until someone decides to murder him.

    Free for Kindle Unlimited

  8. Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal
    Charles Ray
    Fictionalized account of the life of the first African-American deputy US marshal west of the Mississippi.


  9. Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm
    Normally $2.99
    The traveling terrier takes us on a fun & educational farm adventure in this Amazon bestseller. Now also an app for Apple & Droid products!

  10. With Angel’s Wings
    by Stephanie Collins
    $2.99…but for you? On the house!
    Laura’s world spins as pediatricians throw words at her like heart failure, seizures, and g-tube feeds…when all she wants is to hold her baby tightly and be the mom she’d always dreamed of being.

  11. Bad Ass Presidents: America’s Military Leaders from Washington to Roosevelt
    Nicholas L. Vulich
    Forget today’s presidents – They’re a bunch of babies compared to these guys. And, just so you know – we took out all of the boring stuff, and left just what you need to know.

  12. Her Past’s Present
    Michael Poeltl
    Wondering if she can heal her present by making peace with her forgotten past, Tess becomes receptive to the idea of past-life regression.

    Normally $3.54

  13. Four Mothers: A Short Story Collection.
    RJ Crayton
    Sometimes, a mother’s flaws are dangerous: four stories, four mothers, four crises, one great read.

    99 cents usually; free this Black Friday weekend

  14. The Transition of Johnny Swift
    Kerry J Donovan
    After an horrific accident, Frank Brazier hears a strange voice telling him that only Frank can save his dying sister, but can Frank pay the price?

    Normal price: $2.99

  15. Blood Mission
    by Joni Parker
    Alex’s cousin, Prince Darin of the Water Elves, tasks her with a Blood Mission to hunt down and kill the rogue Elf Mellen.

  16. Playing Charlie Cool
    Joshua’s ex-wife might be conniving to keep the two men apart, but Charlie knows he has to play it right or risk losing his love forever.

    Normally $2.99; free for KU peeps!

  17. Drawing Breath
    Art lessons draw sixteen-year-old Caitlin deeper into the private life of her teacher, a man with cystic fibrosis.

    Free for KU folks. On sale for 99 cents for short time. Normally $2.99

  18. A Day Out with Mom
    Tom Kepler
    7 months living on my parents’ sofa: caregiving, Alzheimers, and story-telling. My mom is not Butch Cassidy, but close!

    $3.99/Free with Kindle Unlimited

  19. Brush With Darkness (Arts Reborn: Book I)
    by Jamie Maltman
    To defeat an ancient evil, legionary Simon Baroba must explore his buried creative Talent while navigating a treacherous maelstrom of political intrigue and shifting allegiances, torn between ambition and curiosity, duty and love.

    Regularly $2.99

  20. The Pipe Woman Chronicles Omnibus
    Lynne Cantwell
    All five books: A Native American goddess taps a Denver lawyer to mediate a power-sharing agreement in heaven.

    Regularly $4.99, or free with Kindle Unlimited

  21. The Land Sea Sky Trilogy
    Lynne Cantwell
    Three books, one mission: The gods are back in charge, and they’ve enlisted three Tess, Darrell, and Sue to fight back against the greedy and powerful people who used to run things on Earth.

    Regularly $3.99, or free with Kindle Unlimited

  22. Seasons of the Fool
    Lynne Cantwell
    Julia moves to her grandparents’ old cottage to escape her past, and finds a labyrinth in the woods that may help her find her way home.

    Now available for pre-order! Regular price will be $2.99, but Kindle Unlimited readers will get it for free!

  23. No More Mulberries
    Mary Smith

    When an old friend appears, Miriam embarks on a journey into her past, searching for answers to why her marriage is going so horribly wrong.
    Regularly $2.99 Free on Kindle Unlimited

  24. Heirloom (Seed Savers) by S. Smith
    It’s late in the twenty-first century and large corporations have merged with U.S. government agencies to control the nation’s food supply.

    Normal price $3.99

  25. Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog
    Angelo and Leland Dirks
    A different kind of love story: A cowboy, a writer, a Border Collie, and just a little bit of magic.

    Regularly $2.99, but free with Kindle Unlimited

  26. Curse (Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy)
    by Dale Furse
    The re-emergence of the extinct people of Wexkia is about to ignite terror throughout the known universe.

    Regular price is $2.99

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