ARC Reader Basics

arc readersARC (Advanced Review Copy) readers were a crucial part of the last “official” novel I released, Triple Dog Dare, co-written with the Evil Mastermind himself. Our ARC readers were a fantastic group of folks who provided us with feedback, reviews, proofreading, and a lot of positive energy going into the novel’s launch.

Back in the days when the Big Six ruled the world of publishing, ARCs would be sent out to reviewers well in advance of a novel’s publication. Some big-time reviewers wouldn’t even consider reviewing a book once it was published. They only wanted those very special pre-release copies, giving them an inside edge on other publications. This way, these reviewers were part of an elite group who received special advanced copies, and the publishers could bank on receiving a review from these high-circulation newspapers and magazines to help the book at launch time. This is why sometimes, in used bookstores, you will find a copy of a book with the stamp “uncorrected proof” on the title page. Okay, that was your history lesson. There will be a test later. Continue reading “ARC Reader Basics”

An ARC Reader Reward System?

Chick-lit, romantic comedy by K.S. Brooks and Stephen HiseI’ll be honest; I’d never done anything with Advanced Review Copy (ARC) readers until the release of my most recent collaboration with the Evil Mastermind, Triple Dog Dare. It was all new territory, and it felt weird.

I don’t like asking people for anything, let alone to read a 100,000 word novel and be ready to write a review when the book goes live on Amazon. That seems like a lot to ask of someone. I stopped reading books for review long ago when the requests to do so became overwhelming. I was receiving emails from complete strangers from all around the world (not kidding) – with their manuscripts attached – asking me to review them. Unfortunately, I had to draw the line. So, I had to be frank with other authors; I would not be able to offer a review swap.

So…what incentive do these people have to put this kind of effort into something for someone they may or may not even know? Continue reading “An ARC Reader Reward System?”

How to Prepare a Novel for Publication in Ten Sort-of-easy Steps

KS Brooks was kind enough to give you the details of her pre- and post-release rundown for Triple Dog Dare (actually, it was a mandatory requirement of her probation, but we won’t go into that). Since I’m going through something similar, without the probation (so far) or a collaboration partner, I thought I’d share my perspective on the pre-release mayhem that’s happening in my house as I prepare to publish Sliding Past Vertical, my fourth novel. Here’s how it has gone down so far. [Note: Your actual mileage may vary. I certainly hope so.] Continue reading “How to Prepare a Novel for Publication in Ten Sort-of-easy Steps”

A Burst of Inertia: Adventures in Book Launching

Launching a new book is like owning a car you have to push everywhere. It’s hard work. What we always hope is that enough people will come along to help push hard and fast enough to jump in, pop the clutch, and take off. You’re trying to get your book from zero up to highway speed as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, you have to overcome inertia. The problem is that inertia is a pretty formidable force. Things that are not already moving have a natural resistance to being moved. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to get anything moving and continual expenditures of energy to keep things moving.

On September 1, 2013, Brooks and I officially launched our newest collaboration, Triple Dog Dare. The entire marketing strategy for this book is complex and layered. An early draft of the plan called for human sacrifice. We’ll see how things go, but we may revisit that part. Continue reading “A Burst of Inertia: Adventures in Book Launching”