Amazing Links of Interest!

Once again, I have scoured the world-wide web so you don’t have to.

David Gaughran is on print-industry death-watch.

What are your six words?

Ban finally lifted on Mark Twain’s dirty, dirty book!

The Guardian UK explores the Weird Books Room.

Author: Stephen Hise

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Links of Interest!”

  1. Print industry death watch sounds like I am eating popcorn and cackling over bookstore closures!

    It is catchy though. It has a certain ring to it.

    Just in case anyone thinks I am cheering these developments, let me say that I love bookstores (with the possible exception of some of those horrible airport ones), and I love print books. I don't even own a Kindle yet, although I read some e-books on my laptop.

    I'll probably order one soon – reading on the laptop is not ideal and lots of stuff I like to read is only available as an e-book and/or much cheaper.


    P.S. Love that Weird Books Room. Now there's an idea for a bricks-and-mortar bookstore that could survive this digital wave.

    1. David – didn't mean to imply you were rooting for it, only watching over it. I love the weird books room too, and I think you are right, THAT one may survive! 🙂

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