Exercise your Vote on the Writing Exercise!

When I started this blogging thing I was told there would be no math. It turns out that the plug-in I have for conducting polls on the site is insufficient to meet our demand, so the crack engineering team at Indies Unlimited has come up with a workaround. We will use Facebook polling on the Indies Unlimited Facebook page to conduct the voting for best writing exercise entry. You may review the entries HERE.

To make it more interesting though, the crack engineering team at Facebook, showing their customary foresightedness restricted the FB polls to ten entries, and we have more than that. So you will see two polls over there. DO NOT PANIC.

Just go to https://www.facebook.com/IndiesUnlimited and vote for the entry you liked best. Then encourage your friends and fans to vote as well. Voting will close at 5 pm mountain time on Thursday January 5, 2012. The recipient with the most votes wins a feature post and publication at year end.

Author: Administrators

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5 thoughts on “Exercise your Vote on the Writing Exercise!”

  1. There are a lot of excellent entries. I cast my vote for Garret Hise. But I'm not sure if I'm voting correctly. I get confused by my iPhone, especially if I have to follow more than one link to get somewhere. Please advise if I did not actually vote. Thanks!

  2. I vote for A.L. Kaplan's story No. 17. Excellent writing. Could not find list of names for voting.

  3. I enjoyed reading all the stories and voted for Michael Allen. I had thought of writing something for this, but could not figure out how to tell the story in 250 words. Now I think I know how. Thanks for all the stories.

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