K.S. Brooks Gone Wild: A Video Montage

Many authors write in multiple genres.  That can pose a problem when trying to address an audience.  K. S. Brooks chose to have a montage made for her Amazon.com Author’s page which highlights all her genres and titles. One drawback to going with this method is that if you’re as prolific of an author as she is (generating between 2-4 titles a year), the video can become outdated pretty quickly. So, be especially vigilant for things that might give your video away as dated. Ask yourself a few questions. Does anyone in the video use the terms groovy, totally rad, gnarly, or tubular? Are you wearing a lime-green leisure suit and puka beads in the video?  Simple stuff. Get with the program, people!

You can visit K. S. Brooks’ Amazon.com Author Central page here, and find out more about her on her website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  [subscribe2]

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