Video Trailer: Duane Simolke’s The Acorn Stories

This is the video trailer for Duane Simolke’s book, The Acorn Stories:

The Acorn Stories is available on and Barnes & Noble.

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6 thoughts on “Video Trailer: Duane Simolke’s The Acorn Stories”

  1. Can someone tell me a little more about video trailers for books? Are they all professionally done or could you do one yourself? Maybe reading a scene from your novel?

    1. Wendy, I've done 2 of my trailers myself. It all depends on what you want to accomplish and what type of skill you have for that type of thing. If you go to the left navigational bar – there's a heading for Video Trailers – click on that and you'll find 37 examples of trailers – usually if someone other than the author made them, the credit will be at the end. There is one trailer of a woman reading her book review of the book. I don't believe reading a scene from your own novel would be considered a trailer, but many readers do like to see that kind of video on an author's website. I hope that was helpful.

    2. Hi Wendy,

      You can most definitely create your own book trailer. The first time I started creating videos, I used Windows Movie Maker. Now I use Corel's Video Studio. There are other video creation software packages out there that are more expensive, but it just depends on what features you want; but you may just want to use Windows Movie Maker. If you have Microsoft Windows, you probably have Windows Movie Maker and just don't know it; so look for it and see.

      You can check out the book trailers I have created at Just go to the "Videos" page and then go down and click the words "Book Trailers." My website is still "under construction" in some areas, so please disregard the pages that may be empty.

      Good luck and take care,


  2. Thanks, Diane!

    Wendy, reading a scene from your book is a great idea for a video! You can post it at YouTube, and link to it from your blog and/or site.

    You can have videos made cheaply at or make your own with whatever video program your computer might have.

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