Freebie Friday Testify! – Toney LA Tripp

Author Toney LA Tripp recently participated in an Indies Unlimited Freebie Friday. He was quite pleased with the exposure his book, All Jacked Up, received – which resulted in a surge of downloads. Since we here at Indies Unlimited don’t believe in tooting our own horn (much), Toney was kind enough to write about his experience, although it seems he was a bit nervous about revealing our identity. So I’ve helped out, just a tad. And now, author Toney LA Tripp:

The Turtle Vs. the HareThe old cartoon shows the turtle moving faster than the hare. Well, for the last month and a half, my numbers might as well have been the hare. Which I guess would make Amazon the turtle. And the turtle was clobbering me.

However, a friend and fellow writer dropped me a line and asked me to participate in a blog post she has with some partners (that being K. S. Brooks and Stephen Hise at Indies Unlimited). Continue reading “Freebie Friday Testify! – Toney LA Tripp”

Getting it Right: Dying Slowly (part 3 of 3)

Author Carolyn Steele

by Carolyn Steele

The previous episode was a bit of a list, a romp through options for action and suspense. This one is more of a story, which seems apposite. Heeding the body’s call to wind down, make meaning and finish is, when observed minutely, a relatively lyrical testament to what it means to be human.

Part 3: Dying Slowly (links for part 1  and part 2.)

I’ll begin with an explanation. I’d hate you to think, despite an apparently obsession with death, that I am a miserable person who gatecrashes funerals for the opportunity to wear black and be solemn. I’m actually quite happy, when not trying to produce 750 – 1000 words on something that makes you sound really weird. Continue reading “Getting it Right: Dying Slowly (part 3 of 3)”

Searching for Free eBooks?

Mr. Pish Is Searching for Free eBooks!
Did I see a free eBook in here?

No one wants to search high and low for free eBooks. So tell us about yours here!

This is how it works: Each Thursday, we will put up a post like this one, calling for anyone who has a book to give away for FREE should provide ONLY the following in the comment section below:

1.  Book title
2.  Author name
3.  A one sentence blurb
4.  A link to download the book Continue reading “Searching for Free eBooks?”

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