Meet the Author: Pete Morin

Author Pete Morin

Pete Morin has been a trial attorney, a politician, a bureaucrat, a lobbyist, and now, a fiction writer. He’s still deciding what to do for a living.

He feels his greatest strength as a writer lies in his intuitive sense of what is in his characters’ hearts, and this shows itself in their descriptions, mannerisms and dialogue.

Pete says, “Every writer knows the invocation to ‘write from the heart.’ This is understood by most on some level, but the deeper you understand it, intuitively, the better your characterization will be.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Pete Morin”

Growing Your Author Platform One Library at a Time by Peggy DeKay

Peggy DeKay
Author, Speaker and Book Coach Peggy DeKay

For most of us the local library is a place to go and relax, take a class, or spend a quiet afternoon. But something else is going on at your local library—book promotion!

As a new author, the first thing I had to do was begin building my list…my mailing list. I began by taking a sign-up sheet to every event that I attended as a guest speaker or presenter. It didn’t matter what the event was, a book fair, a signing in a book store or retail store, or a presentation at the local library.

Most new authors think that to be successful you have to have a huge platform (mailing list), when truly; you can build a successful following with only a few-hundred-name seed list. It’s not hard, but you must be diligent in asking people to sign-up. Continue reading “Growing Your Author Platform One Library at a Time by Peggy DeKay”

Looking for Free eBooks!

Mr. Pish
Pardon me, but do you have any free eBooks?

We don’t want any Grey Poupon. We just want to know about your free eBooks!

This is how it works: Each Thursday, we will put up a post like this one, calling for anyone who has a book to give away for FREE should provide ONLY the following in the comment section below:

1.  Book title
2.  Author name
3.  A one sentence blurb
4.  A link to download the book Continue reading “Looking for Free eBooks!”