The Most Interesting Dog in the World

He is the prince of pooches, the king of canines, the duke of doggies. Wherever there is injustice, crime, oppression, or cruelty, he’ll be there. Wherever there is adventure and danger, he’ll be there. Basically, if there is kibble, he’ll be there. He is—the most interesting dog in the world.

You can learn more about Mr. Pish on his website and facebook page, and his three books which are available at


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15 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Dog in the World”

  1. What does Mr. Pish say about the current situation? What do you mean 'what situation?' With that kind of evasion tactic he is sure to get my vote when he runs for president. Yeah, I know I'm a Canadian. Want to make something of it?

      1. Hey, Kat! When's he coming to my hometown – London Ontario? I'd love to meet Mr. Pish in person. Of course, it goes without saying that I'd like to meet you, too. And Yvonne lives not far from me, so we could all get together for a meet-up.:-)

        1. It IS time Ontario got some attention from him. We'll supply steak and kibble for him. Of course you will need to supply your own meal. And I suppose you will insist, as his agent, on sitting at our table. And we'll have to put up with the paparrazzi.

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