Video Trailer: Russian Roulette by Austin Camacho

This is the video trailer for Austin Camacho’s mystery/detective novel, Russian Roulette.

Russian Roulette is available for purchase at

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5 thoughts on “Video Trailer: Russian Roulette by Austin Camacho”

  1. Love it Austin. I think it lets viewers see how much you care for and believe in the characters in the book. You tell the story well and leave us wanting more. On the technical side, I'm not a big fan of shaky cam or jump cuts (training from Milt F, you know) but I know others think those techniques connect with the viewers in a personal way.

  2. I like that you personally talk about the book. That is personal. Which is a good thing. Also, the passion with which you narrate the story is incredible. Job well done. And congs on your success.

  3. Hi Austin,

    You have charisma, warmth and are very likeable & well-spoken. I enjoyed this trailer a lot.

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