Book Farmer

Modern society is vastly complex and so hyper-specialized that very few of us are in a position to be able to see the effect of our daily work processes rendered into an actual outcome. I have spent many a day in a cubicle in a fluorescent-lit hell, worrying whether I remembered to attach the cover sheet to my TPS report.

It is pretty much the same all over. Very few people are in a position to really be responsible for a product from conception to fruition. Most of the world just doesn’t work that way anymore.

One of the exceptions is farming. Farmers are intimately connected with their work and their product. They are in the rare position of being able to literally see the fruits of their labors. They till the soil, plant the crop, fertilize the crop, fight weeds and pests as best they are able. At the end of it all they harvest and sell what they wrought from the earth by the sweat of their own brows. They feed the world. Continue reading “Book Farmer”

Cactus is our friend

Came to my desk early in the afternoon, pulled up a fresh Word page, sat down, spat neatly on the palms of both hands and gave them a good rub. The sentences were clear in my head. This week’s blog was bubbling and brewing – boy, was I going to out-do myself, or what?

Then three things happened, and I can’t remember in which order. I remember talking on the phone long-distance with my daughter in Ireland. I remember cleaning out the rabbit hutch … lovely job, that. I remember making the most delicious roast chicken dinner you could possibly imagine. I remember picking my son up from work. I remember giving the place a bit of a tidy up.


Do I ever remember having dinner!

I also remember doing the kitchen (my daughter’s in Ireland, remember?), feeding the cat, and giving the rabbit the vegetable peelings (yes, that is one spoilt rabbit).

And the blog went the way of all else. Boy, is Hise going to be mad. Madder than last week when I forgot to insert my byline and mug. [Like you wouldn’t know it was me, with all those long sentences and crazy semicolons.] Continue reading “Cactus is our friend”

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