Laurie Boris Joins Admin Team

Associate Editor Laurie Boris

Indies Unlimited is pleased to announce that Laurie Boris has joined the Admin team as Associate Editor here at Indies Unlimited. In addition to serving as a contributing author here,  Laurie is also a freelance writer, ghostwriter, editor, proofreader, and former graphic designer.

Clearly, she’s a woman on the edge. Look into those eyes and tell me you don’t see a major ass-kicking just waiting for the next person with a stupid question. Her steely stare could turn back a kamikaze attack. THAT is editor material, my friends.

Fear not though. Laurie’s new and abundant soul-crushing responsibilities will not keep her from her regular posts here every Tuesday morning. After all, I can’t just have her lounging about in the executive steam room all day.

Welcome to admin Laurie!

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  1. Goody another humorous woman to keep this bunch of cheeky males in control. So glad you are part of the admin team Laurie.

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