Sneak Peek: Triple Dog Dare

triple-dog-dare- webToday we have a sneak peek from the new light comedy by K.S. Brooks and Stephen Hise:
Triple Dog Dare.

When wealthy champion dog breeder Stu Hockersmith presents prize pup Lord Louis to lovely Bianca Jameson, he hopes to win her heart. Bianca, oblivious to Stu’s amorous intentions, takes the adorable pooch back home to California where she goes on to become a celebrated author, writing books about little Lo-Lou.

To make matters worse, Stu is informed that gifting the dog broke the kennel club bylaws and he now must get the pup back before his father’s legal team takes action against the woman he still loves.

Triple Dog Dare is available from and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from Triple Dog Dare

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Video Trailer: Tribesman

A warrior of the Northern Clans seeks a path home. Tormented by his god, a warrior and champion sets forth on a journey north in search of a merchant’s daughter abducted by Clansmen. With a desert princess as a companion he will travel through a land baked by a scorching sun, where bandits roam and dark beasts stalk the night.

An ancient evil is rising from the desert. Culainn and Persha, warrior and mage stand alone against a tide of darkness. All the while, Morrigu, the dark god of the north seeks to use Culainn as her own tool.

Tribesman, the epic fantasy novel by Paul Freeman, is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.
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Book Blogger Spotlight: The Magnolia Blossom Review

L. Avery BrownL. Avery Brown has an awesome book blog called The Magnolia Blossom Review. She is a former secondary level educator with over a dozen years devoted to the fields of history, special education, and curriculum development. Since 2007 she’s been a devoted writer, something she’s loved to do for as long as she can remember.

She says, “Professionally speaking, when I’m not busy working on my own writing projects, I am a freelance editor, publishing consultant, and digital media promotions consultant. I also pride myself on being a solid reviewer of books! I am about as Southern as Southern can get which is why I started my first blog, When a Southern Woman Rambles. That blog actually helped me set the back drop for a series of books with the same name.”

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