Sneak Peek: Hitori

Today we have a sneak peek from the new fantasy novel by Nicholas Forristal: Hitori.

Hitori is the story about a woman who was sold to Bishamon, god of war, by her father to win a an upcoming battle. After almost a century of training, she is sent back to Japan to be its defender against the evils that lurk across the land.

Set in the 8th century, Hitori has to learn to cope with the dangers and lifestyle fitting of a wandering warrior and the trials and tribulations that make us human. Also, some demons and monsters. It is a standalone story to the Chronicles of M series.

Hitori is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from Hitori

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Video Trailer: The Six-Degree Conspiracy

Senate investigator Jackson Guild discovers Wall Street War Lord Manny Granov has crossed the threshold from wealth to power. Now, the CIA uses the greedy financier for its off-the-books operations. But when Langley and Granov broker a deal to buy a massive Soviet-era nuclear weapon hoping to keep it from the Middle East’s arms bazaar, the bargain sours, and Guild’s probe leaves him hung out like bait.

The Six-Degree Conspiracy, the espionage thriller by Jeff Shear, is available at and Amazon UK.

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Walk on the Dark Side

I saw on the news where Lou Reed died the other day. If you’re not an alternative rock aficionado or an aging, misanthropic New Yorker, you probably don’t consider that a very great loss. But it is.

Reed was a seminal figure in rock and roll history, as important, in his own way, as Dylan and Springsteen though he never quite caught on with the public like they did. He didn’t write catchy pop diddies, nor did his songs generally carry messages of hope or love or inspiration. Instead, Reed wrote in a matter-of-fact way about the things he saw on the mean streets of New York, things like drug addiction, male prostitution and child abuse. He was an artist who went to a place most artists either fear or simply ignore, that sometimes dark and often painful side of the human experience which many of us simply call life. Continue reading “Walk on the Dark Side”