Sneak Peek: The Garden of Souls

Today we have a sneak peek from The Garden of Souls, the historical action-adventure novel by author Cheri Vause.

Two archaeologists, a priest and his best friend, uncover a bizarre map that leads to the Biblical burial cave of Abraham, drawn by a famous first century Rabbi. The two friends must decipher the strange symbols on the map to locate the cave, and secure what may be hidden there before antiquity thieves catch up with them. What they encounter in the cave changes their lives and the lives of all mankind, forever.

The Garden of Souls, the action-adventure novel by Cheri Vause, is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from The Garden of Souls

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Video Trailer: Discovering Ren

Isadora Ambrosine is a research archaeologist at a small-town museum. She has a rich adoring husband, great house, and steady job – until her boss convinces her to write a book and curate an exhibit on Egyptian magic in order to boost the museum’s flagging attendance.

When she accepts a bundle of amulets in a Cairo marketplace, she becomes the next Isis, the Lady of Ten Thousand Names. Her new calling will threaten her life, destroy her family, maroon her husband in the underworld, and ultimately force her to choose between revenge and sacrificial love.

Discovering Ren, the urban fantasy by Jennifer Eifreg, is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.

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Choice of Perspectives

How many different perspectives are there to write from? Most novels are written in ‘first’ or ‘third person’ narrative, with a split of the third person narrative between third person omniscient and third person limited. It is of course possible to write in variations of and, or combinations of each of these points of view in the same book and, although some do it quite successfully, I would suggest that it takes an author who is relatively skilled and confident in their craft. Continue reading “Choice of Perspectives”