Keeping Track of Online Appearances

We all know one of the hardest aspects of being an indie writer is keeping our name out there in front of readers. Luckily, we have a zillion ways to do that: Facebook, Twitter, our own blog, guest blogs, review sites, author interviews. There really is no lack of exposure if we go looking for it and ask for it. But for some of us, the problem is not getting the exposure, it’s keeping track of it all.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s made an arrangement to provide a guest post or author interview, and once I got the piece off to the site owner, I completely forgot about it. If I’m lucky, the site owner sends out an e-mail the day before to suggest tweets or FB posts; if I’m not, I hear three days later from someone, “Hey, nice post last week.” Ug. Continue reading “Keeping Track of Online Appearances”

Featured Book: 2013 Flash Fiction Anthology

This anthology contains some work originally produced by select participants in the Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge.

The 250-word flash fiction challenge each Saturday provides entrants with a picture by award-winning novelist and photographer K.S. Brooks and a written prompt by author Stephen Hise.

Waters discovered the Indies Unlimited site during the early part of 2012 and feels the site, the staff, and others have encouraged his writing and supported this and many of his other writing endeavors.

This volume includes sample chapters from his full length mystery novels, and sample chapters from his guest authors; Aron Joice and Brian Beam.

Available from Amazon.

My Journey into App Land

Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm APP CoverIt’s been an exciting few months for me. I’ve been working with a developer to convert three Mr. Pish books into apps for kids. Sound cool? Indeed. Sound scary? More like.

One has to realize that I don’t even own a smartphone. My phone is so old and so dumb that its IQ is envious of the 31 on the Baskin Robbins’ ice cream sign. What’s my point? The learning curve – more like hurdle – over a huge chasm of technology and a completely different way of thinking. Anyone have a six-year-old who can help me out with this?

First came the contract. I looked it over closely, then had two smart friends take a gander. (I can’t afford a lawyer anymore, but since I played one on TV, I figure I’m okay.) Then, I asked a developer friend to check out the company. He did a thorough investigation and came back impressed. So, I proceeded. Coincidentally, and happily, I signed the contract on my 50th birthday. Pretty cool. Continue reading “My Journey into App Land”