Authors Seeking Beta Readers

Beta readers are volunteers who will read a finished draft of your manuscript and provide you feedback so you can make improvements before you move forward with editing. This helps authors craft better stories, plug plot gaps, and work the bugs out. It can also lighten the load for an editor and save an author money. All hail beta readers!

Indies Unlimited is pleased to offer this platform for authors to connect with beta readers. If you’re searching for beta readers, please enter the following information in the comment section below.

1. The genre or type of book you need beta readers for (DO NOT put down a book description – you don’t want anyone stealing your story idea);

2. Total manuscript pages (or words) in the draft;

3. Your timetable or deadline; and

4. ONE of two ways to contact you: either a Facebook address if you want a FB private message, OR a Twitter handle if you want a Twitter direct message. DO NOT put an e-mail address, phone number, street or postal address in the comments (for your own protection against spammers, scammers, and other jackanapes)

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11 thoughts on “Authors Seeking Beta Readers”

  1. Since I write so many different genres, I’m going to list some that I have already tackled: Romance, sci-fi, horror, military thrillers. And I’m now working on an historical romance, another sci-fi, another military thriller, and maybe a fantasy. Most of my manuscripts are 45-100K words, and I don’t write like a dictionary. At any time I have 2-4 books in the works and am always looking for feedback to make them better.

    If you’re interested, please drop me a message on Facebook.

  2. Would love some new betas for my Agent Night Adventure series (action-adventure thrillers) who are unfamiliar with the series. The next installment *should* be available in Spring of 2014. No total word count yet, sorry.

    Please contact me via messaging through my author page on Facebook:

    Thank you!

  3. I could use a new beta, or two for additional feedback on my third book in my YA fantasy trilogy,The Lost Children of Managrail. The book can stand alone, and there is enough back story to catch one up. My books are a bit more innocent in nature as oppose to New Adult which is a directive of YA. This is about 50k.

    Please contact me through my messaging on my Facebook fanpage.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Hello! I’m thrilled to find such a fabulous resource as this group. I have a commercial women’s fiction (chick lit) novel at 78k words I would love to have beta readers take a crack at. It’s funny, light, breezy and an ideal read on a winter’s evening.

    Hoping to have beta comments by end of January then to an editor for final proof.

    Contact me via Comments @

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