Book Brief: The Dreamt Child

The Dreamt ChildThe Dreamt Child: Book Three of Earth’s Pendulum
by Yvonne Hertzberger
Genre of this Book:Fantasy/Magic Realism
Word count: 92,000

We follow Liannis, seer for the goddess Earth after a winter in semi-trance in a cabin in the woods. The goddess Earth leads Merrist, previously seen only as her devoted hired man, to Liannis to call her back to her duties. Earth, as Liannis still has not heeded the recurring dream of a child, takes Liannis into pre-history, showing how the custom of seers never taking a mate happened. With the evolution of society the duties of Earth’s seers must change once again. Merrist is also given the dream. Upon sharing it with Liannis they find that Earth wishes them to join (marry). The child is their destiny. But the people believe that such a union is forbidden and some oppose it. Among these is one of the candidates for lordship of Catania. Lord Gaelen, of Bargia, current ruler, wishes Catania to become independent again, that he wants to relinquish his control over it. Treason, treachery and violence ensue. Earth gives Merrist the gift of healing. Gaelen also wishes to return Lieth to independence. The people are rebuilding after the great quake that destroyed Lieth City. Lady Nairin, under asylum in Bargia, wishes to set up a regency for her son. Can she be trusted? Will the people of Lieth accept the family back? With Merrist in Catania and Liannis in Lieth the couple find themselves facing many of these challenges alone. Even Earth does not always know what will come. Yet these changes must occur. Otherwise Earth, and the world she protects, are in danger.

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Jaws of Justice

Wolf hollow boy by K.S. Brooks
Wolf hollow boy
by K.S. Brooks

They said he was a wolf, and I guess it might have been true. We walked past the junkyard every day after school and he was always there at the fence watching.

He never barked or whimpered or growled. He was silent as death, just watching intently with eyes the color of molten gold. If you got too close, he would bare his teeth, and that was something dreadful to behold.

You could tell that fence was not enough to hold him back if he wanted to come after you. I am sad to say I was right, though he saved my life…

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